It's Official!

Congratulations to our Top Fundraisers for 2017

Cures Believers Teams teams who raised at least $7,500

Texas Darlin's & Dudes - Lisa Richardson, team captain

Caitlin's Crew - Caitlin Rowley, team captain

Remission Control - Melody Smith, team captain

Team Cool Suhlio - Debra Suhl, team captain, Eric M. Suhl Foundation

Top Freshman Team first year team

Keep Hope - Cullen Garza, team captain

Hope Givers individuals who raised at least $1000

Caitlin Rowley,  Lisa & Norwood Richardson, Cullen Garza, Emily Avera, Summer Cannon, Kate Brown, Melody Smith, Kelly Rodrigues, Stacey Block, Leila Perrin, Heather Eppelheimer, Priscilla McCormick, Samantha Roth, Nicole Jordan, Stephanie LeBlanc, Marni Goldman, Patti Gary, Leigh Ellen Key, Blake Romero, Alayna Proctor, Lonnie Smith, Stephen & Haley Brown, Rashad Butler

Thank you to our National Platinum Sponsor:

Thank you to our local sponsors