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The Crohn’s & Colitis Take Steps Walk is one of CCFA’s largest events committed to finding cures for digestive diseases. Our walks offer an incredible day for family, friends and the community to come together in celebration of all their hard work and dedication to our mission.

Our community consists of patients, loved ones, friends and supporters that empower and inspire each other to fight these diseases. Each year we connect with our communities as we fundraise for cures and celebrate our hard work together in supporting our patients.

To date, Take Steps has raised more than $60 million to fund mission-critical research and patient support programs. More than 80 cents of each dollar raised goes directly to funding this mission. Find a walk in your local community and join thousands of others Taking Steps for cures.



Meet Will, our 2016 Twin Cities Take Steps Honored Hero!


Will HH 2016.JPG

This is Will at Camp Oasis on visitor's day during the Summer of 2015!




Twin Cities Take Steps Emcee - REG CHAPMAN of WCCO - CBS


Meet Reg Chapman, our 2016 Twin Cities Take Steps Emcee!  Reg is an award winning reporter with WCCO-CBS!  Though Reg is not a patient himself he knows many who are impacted by IBD and we at CCFA & Take Steps are excited to have him at our Twin Cities walk on June 5th!

Reg is an Omaha, NE native whose career  has taken him to New York, Pittsburgh PA, Dayton OH, Sioux Falls IA & of course Minneapolis MN!  Reg is a Gulf War veteran and has won numerous Associated Press awards, most notably the Edward R. Murrow Awards for his work in investigative reporting.

Please welcome Reg Chapman to the Take Steps family!

New for Take Steps 2016

The Take Steps program gets bigger and more exciting every year. This is because of our amazing participants that work tirelessly fundraising and raising awareness. They do so on behalf of those fighting Crohn's disease or ulcerative colitis with their heart and soul focused on our common ensure a future with improved treatments and cures for inflammatory bowel disease!

Check out the 2016 fundraising prizes and this year's t-shirt!

Learn how you can be an MVP!

Team Captain Fundraising Incentive


MVP (Most Valuable Participant) SHOUT- OUTS!!

 The MVP program was created to recognize top teams and individuals going above and beyond to provide hope, inspire action and find cures through fundraising efforts and outreach!

  • You can be an Awareness Builder  by raising $100
  • You can be a Hope Giver by raising $1000
  •  Your team can become Cures Believers  when you reach $5000

Congratulations to our 2015 CURES BELIEVER's who have signed up for the 2016 Take Steps Walk:

  • Team Matsoff- Led by the Matsoff Family
  • JCrew - Led by Dan & Penny Johnson
  • Sick of It - Led by Amber Stevenson
  • Colitiscope - Led by Andy Tubesing

Congratulations to our 2015 HOPE GIVERs who have signed up for the 2016 Take Steps Walk:

  • Team, Skid Marks- Led by Chris & Aaron Larson
  • Team MNGI- Led by Lisa Belak (also Presenting Sponsor)
  • Team Coloplast - Led by Cari Skastad (also Wellness Village vendor)
  • SISI Spirt- Led by Nancy Sorjanen
  • Team Mortenson- Led by Ingrid Miller (also Silver Sponsor)
  • Joleen's Crohnies- Led by Geoff Milsow
  • Go Boy Go- Led by Bregit Nerheim
  • Mitch's Gut Busters- Led by Mitch Dinse
  • Angry Turds- Led by Teresa Hyde
  • Love4Aria- Led by Jill Love
  • Walking for Ali- Led by Ali Manning
  • Will's Awesome Hammers- Led by Erin Stuedemann (also 2016 Honored Hero)
  • Colon Cleansers- Led by Amanda Schulman
  • Punky Chronies- Led by Holly Laurant
  • Aaliyah's Gut/God's Glory- Led by Alice Robbins
  • Team Jill- led by Jill Krentz
  • Kamm's Crew- Ledy by Reid Kamm
  • Olivia's Crohn's Crushers- Led by Olivia Syrjamaki
  • The Crohnies - Led by Rosann Glick (also Silver Sponsor- Fairview Specialty Pharmacy)
  • Stras - Led by Brandon Stras
  • Team Spud - Led by Scott, Jake and Russet Family
  • Fight Connie - Led by Rachel Glad
  • HealthPartners Digestive Care - Led by Jessica Adams
  • Team Leila - Led by Anne Byer
  • Team Veronica - Led by Veronica  Bessermin

Congratulations to our 2015 INSPIRATION CR EATOR's who have signed up for the 2016 Take Steps Walk:

  • Katies Krazies- Led by Katie Riegelman
  • Always on the Runs- Led by Amy Livingston
  • Dominate Crohn's- Led by Amy Domini
  • Five4aCure- Led by Jenny McMahen
  • Choclate Thunder- Led by Grace Lehman
  • Team Potty On- Led by Lexi Clark
  • Bust a Gut- Led by Kate Bernhardt
  • Team Maddie- Led by Eric Roling
  • Walking with Wendy- Led by Wendy Carrison
  • Yana's Angel's - Led by Natasa Saremi
  • CC Connections - Led by Andrea Ahneman (Young Professional Group)
  • Mariah's Mob - Led by Jamie Massina
  • Cantel Medical - Led by Ele Chute
  • Tutrle Butts - Led by Nancy Mielke
  • Ness'a Freinds - Led Rhona Shwaid
  • Team Michelle - Led Karla Lindemoen
  • Kristin's Crohn's Crushers - Led Kristin Ries
  • Team Sandoval - Led by Monica Sandoval
  • Orange Renegades - Led by Jason Corby
  • Kelley's Krew - Kelley Lynch

Congratulations to our 2016 NEW TEAM CAPTAINS!

  • Team Eric - Led by Kate Amelin
  • Team Party Pooper- Led by Keith Rasmussen
  • Sarah's Gotta Go Supporters- Led by Sarah Bue (team captain in 2013 & 2014-welcome back!)
  • Bri's Crohnies- Led by Bri Wittek
  • Gut Busters- Led by Hannah Phillips
  • Paula's Peeps- Led by Paula Poaletti
  • GI Jess- Led by Jess Knutson
  • Vrieze Family- Led by Jessica Vrieze
  • Gotta Go- Led by Beth Yagser
  • I Pity the Stool- Led by Erin Gottfried
  • Jude- Led by Jennifer Jude
  • The O Team- Led by Laura Van Riper
  • Colton's Colon Cleansers- Led by Tammy Donner
  • Team ArthrAnus- Led by Sherry Glende
  • Sister's Blackburn- Led by Stacey Bontz
  • Intimidating Ileum- Led by Ann Tibesar
  • Morgan's Crew- Led by Myra Van Delist
  • Super Wy- Led by Kris Miller
  • Got Gut's - Led by Katie Basset
  • The White Family- Led by Eileen White
  • Team Otter- Led by Tamara Otterstatter
  • The Chronies- Led by Heather Harris
  • Carr's Crohnies- Led by Jo Carr
  • Jodi & JoLynn's Journey - Led by Jodi Sheets
  • Yankton Bridges for the Cure - Dave Brown
  • Schreiner - Led by Glenn Schreiner
  • Team Justine - Led by Justine Langa
  • AG Crohn's Crew - Led by Amber Gunderson
  • Team United Health Group
  • Team Cool Suhlio - Led Anne Kalinowski
  • The Crohnut Holes - Led by Lora Skelton
  • Team Raegan #happieness - Led by Kelly Wierman
  • Carter's Courage - Led by Nicole Halback
  • Team Tame the Tummy - Led by Kristin Colligan
  • Crohn's Thugs n Harmoney - Led by Dominic Marschinke
  • Express Scripts - Led by Julie Hardin (also a Bronze level Sponsor!)
  • Walking for the Runs - Led by Christine Krouth
  • Potty @ the Moontower - Led by Laura Hutchinson
  • Spunky Monkies - Led by Erin Fritz
  • Penny's for the Cure - Led by Penny Kutka
  • Christina Clinic - Led by Nick Cairl



Here are a few proven tips to help you have rewarding & sucessful walk experience with your team!

Step 1: Set a realistic and meaningful goal for your team

There is no cost to register and no fundraising minimum. It is up to you to set a personally meaningful and significant goal for you and your team. Communicate that goal to your team members and work together to achieve it dividing the goal among each other.

Step 2: Write Personal Fundraising Letters & Emails

Compose a passionate and individualized letter about why you are walking and how people can support your fundraising efforts.

Step 3: Recruit Participants

Ask your friends, neighbors, family members and co-workers to join your team and help you to spread awareness and reach your team’s fundraising goal through their contacts.

Step 4: Raise Money

The national fundraising average per person is $250 encourage your each of your of your team members to beat the national average.  Approach the businesses you frequent, or even better, ask your own company!  Lead by example, by making the first donation your own!

Step 5: Create Excitement

Design a team t-shirt or a unique team name, post flyers in your neighborhood, and share information on social media!

Step 6: Celebrate Your Team’s Success

Attend the Walk. Take a team photo. Eat, drink and celebrate raising funds to find cures for Crohn's and colitis!


Need to turn in donations before the Walk?

Please make checks payable to CCFA and mail to:

CCFA - Take Steps

2277 HWY 36 W, Ste 170

Roseville, MN 55113



Have Questions, Interested in becoming a Sponsor, Need help getting your team Registered or need Ideas for Fundraising?

Contact Walk Manager, Jim Thrubis at: or 651.917.2437