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Take Steps for Crohn’s & Colitis is CCFA’s largest fundraising event having touched over 240,000 people and raised nearly $60M to help further the Foundation’s mission.

Our Take Steps walks offer a wonderful day for family, friends and the community to celebrate all of the efforts that have been put forth in raising funds towards our mission. Our walk events are filled with live music, food, kids’ entertainment, educational materials, and, of course, wonderful exposure for our corporate partners. In 2014, more than 70,000 people joined us nationwide, helping us raise $11M.

82 cents of every dollar raised goes towards breakthrough research, public and professional education, and patient support services in communities across the nation.

Register today. Join thousands of others in the fight against digestive diseases.


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Meet our Honored Hero- Molly Rolan:

molly rolan

Molly Jane Rolan is a 20-year-old full time student at Mizzou studying Textile and Apparel Marketing and Merchandising.  Like many 20-year-old’s at Mizzou Molly enjoys cooking, reading, and going to Andy's with her friends.  Unlike many 20-year-old’s at Mizzou, Molly has Crohn's Disease.

Molly was diagnosed in 2005. The diagnosis was a long journey. It took over a year of going from doctor to doctor trying to get answers. She was misdiagnosed many times before finally getting an appointment at Children's Mercy in Kansas City, where she was finally told her had Crohn’s. After first being diagnosed Molly started taking prednisone, flagyl, nexium, pentasa and imuran and that combination along with a strict diet helped her to get back on track for a couple years. Her 8th grade year she started feeling sick again and her medication was adjusted, which helped her get through her freshman and most of her sophomore year of high school. At the end of her sophomore year she started to get really sick and her doctor tried a round of prednisone. That didn't help so she was put on Remicade. Unfortunately Remicade did not work. The week before her junior year she was hospitalized for 10 days and while she was in the hospital she started taking Humira. The Humira never worked either and Mollu had a resection on October 31 2012. The surgery helped for a short time but she was put back on Humira to try to keep symptoms from coming back. After awhile her doctor advised her to stop taking Humira and Molly was healthy with no medication for about 6 months. This past year she started feeling sick again and her doctor placed her back on imuran with rounds of prednisone to try and get things back on track. After so many rounds of prednisone she started taking humira and entecort again.

Currently Molly is not at her best and she has a pretty even mix of bad and good days on the Humira and entecort.  Luckily while at Children's Mercy Molly heard about CCFA. She started at Camp Oasis and that is where she heard about Take Steps.  Her family started participating and through Take Steps she was able to learn a lot about her disease and talk to other people about their experiences.

Says Molly: It is important for people to participate in Take Steps because it brings together a community of people who can all relate to each other. Together they can give advice, share stories and experiences or just be around someone who is understanding. It is also a place where people have a common goal... CURE IBD.