Alena Bredemeyer

2018 Fort Wayne Honored Hero, Roanoke


My name is Alena Bredemeyer and I am 15 years old. I am a Freshman at Homestead High School. My journey with Crohn’s disease began when I was 6 years old with severe stomach pain, nausea and frequent bathroom trips. I had to undergo a lot of tests and procedures as well as spending time in the hospital. I was originally diagnosed with indeterminate colitis, 2 years later, during a hospitalization at Riley Childrens Hospital. The next year my diagnosis changed to Crohn’s Disease after a capsule endoscopy and IBD Serology 7 blood test. I have been treated with multiple medications including biologicals such as Remicade, for 7 years unti I lost response and was switched to Humira in January of this year. I, also, have a low amalayce count which means I do not digest carbohydrates properly and I need to take Creon every time I eat. I consider myself lucky because medications have kept my disease fairly under control and I have not had any surgeries for my Crohn’s Disease.

I hope my medications can help me go into remission so I can concentrate on my education.

My sister, Anissa, and my mom have Crohn’s Disease as well and my grandfather did too. This is both a curse and a blessing because while “YES we all have Crohn’s Disease WE understand exactly what each other is going through. Some of the dinner conversations we have!

My family has been involved with the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation for many years attending support groups, seminars and Camp Oasis. We have participated in bowl-a-thons, Take Steps and Team Challenge events. My family hosts an annual Golf Event along with Wine Tasting and Silent Auction.

We will continue to raise money to help find a CURE for me, my family members, support group members, you and your family and all whom suffer from Crohn’s Disease or Ulcerative Colitis.

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