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The Crohn’s & Colitis Take Steps Walk is one of CCFA’s largest events committed to finding cures for digestive diseases. Our walks offer an incredible day for family, friends and the community to come together in celebration of all their hard work and dedication to our mission.

Our community consists of patients, loved ones, friends and supporters that empower and inspire each other to fight these diseases. Each year we connect with our communities as we fundraise for cures and celebrate our hard work together in supporting our patients.

To date, Take Steps has raised more than $60 million to fund mission-critical research and patient support programs. More than 80 cents of each dollar raised goes directly to funding this mission. Find a walk in your local community and join thousands of others Taking Steps for cures.

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Date: Saturday, June 25, 2016

Location: Northminster Presbyterian Church 10720 Knoxville Road , Peoria, IL 60615. 

Time: Registration begins at 9:00am | Walk starts at 10:00 

The Take Steps Walk will take place rain or shine, so please dress accordingly!


Your help is needed...A lot of work goes into making a successful Walk and volunteers make the Crohn's & Colitis Foundation of America (CCFA) Take Steps Walks happen. We are creating a Planning Committee for the 2016 Peoria Take Steps for Crohn's & Colitis Walk and we would love for you to be part of this incredible opportunity. Please email or call me if you would like to be on the Planning Committee or need more information at 847-312-1206 or

Meet our Pediatric Honored Hero, Abe Alwan!

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My name is Abe AIwan. I'm 12 years old. I remember the day I was diagnosed with Crohn's disease. I was eight years old and in second grade. I was struggling with stomachaches, abdominal cramping, diarrhea, and rectal bleeding.  My regular doctor said I needed to see a specialist, Dr. Khalid, a gastrointestinal doctor.  Dr. Khalid performed a colonoscopy on me to see what was causing my severe symptoms.  After the procedure, Dr. Khalid confirmed my diagnosis was Crohn’s Disease.  I felt scared but, I was hopeful things would get better.  

Dr. Khalid tried on several different medications that did not seem to work.  Finally, 3 years ago, I started Remicade Infusions every six weeks.  It was the first medication to help with all of my symptoms.  I started feeling like myself.  I started growing, eating, and having a lot more energy.  

Being diagnosed with Crohn’s disease at such a young age has been difficult.  I had to take on a lot of responsibilities most kids my age wouldn’t have to.   I have had to change my diet, make sure I take all of my medications everyday, get my blood work done, infusions and going to lots of doctor appointments.  I know I have to do these things to feel well so, I do them with a smile on my face.

My ultimate dream is to find a cure for this disease.  I am honored to be a part of the 2016 Take Steps for Crohn’s & Colitis Walk in Peoria, Illinois.  We need to work together to find a cure for Crohn’s & Colitis.





 The MVP Program was created to recognize top teams and individuals going above and beyond to provide hope, inspire action and find cures through fundraising efforts and outreach! 

You can be an Awareness Builder by raising $100.

You can be a Hope Giver by raising $500.

Your team can become a Cures Believer when you reach top team status of raising $2,000 or more.


Take Steps spreads awareness about IBD throughout our community while raising crucial funds to fuel the mission-critical research, education and support services of CCFA. As we continue to strive to surpass our local fundraising goal of $38,000 we want to recognize those who are leading our efforts through your team and individual fundraising. 

Congratulations to our Top 4 Fundraising Teams 

  • Irish Remicadors - $4,046
  • Kaden's Krusers - $2586
  • Boyer Buddies - $2095
  • Peoria Surgical Group - $1532

Congratulations to our Top 4 Fundraising Individuals

  • Cindy Boyer - $1,980
  • Abe Alwan - $1930
  • Mason Varwig - $1160
  • Susan Elliott - $889




Here are a few proven tips to help you have a rewarding and successful walk experience with your team! We're all working together to fund research for a cure, but the competition to take the top fundraising award is fierce!

Step 1: Set a realistic and meaningful goal for your team
There is no cost to register and no fundraising minimum. It is up to you to set a personally meaningful and significant goal for you and your team. Communicate that goal to your team members and work together to achieve it by dividing the goal among each other.

Step 2: Write personal fundraising letters & emails
Compose a passionate and individualized letter about why you are walking and how people can support your fundraising efforts. Pro tip: send a letter to each person you mail your Christmas/Holiday cards to!

Step 3: Recruit participants
Ask your friends, neighbors, family members and co-workers to join your team and help you to spread awareness and reach your team’s fundraising goal through their contacts. More people asking for support = more money raised for the mission!

Step 4: Raise money
The national fundraising average per person is $250. Encourage each of your team members to beat the national average.  Lead by example, by making the first donation your own! Approach the businesses you frequent, or even better, ask your own company to help out by hosting a fundraiser or sponsoring. Not sure where to start? Contact Colleen and she'll help you set something up! Email or call 847-312-1206.

Step 5: Create excitement
Design a team t-shirt or a unique team name, post flyers in your neighborhood, and share information on social media! Nothing is more powerful than an engaged and excited team!

Step 6: Celebrate your team’s success
Attend the Walk. Take a team photo. Eat, drink and celebrate raising funds to find cures for Crohn's and colitis! Don’t forget to send thank you notes when you’re all done!



Have you collected donations that need to be applied to your fundraising page?

CCFA Illinois Chapter
Peoria Take Steps Walk
2200 E. Devon Ave
Suite 392
Des Plaines, IL 60018
Attention to: Colleen Murillo 

Be sure to write mention your team name and team member that the donation needs to be applied to.