New York, Take Steps to Find a Cure!

NYC Take Steps Highest Fundraising WalkThe Crohn’s & Colitis Take Steps Walk is one of CCFA’s largest events committed to finding cures for digestive diseases. Our walks offer an incredible day for family, friends and the community to come together in celebration of all their hard work and dedication to our mission.

Our community consists of patients, loved ones, friends and supporters that empower and inspire each other to fight these diseases. Each year we connect with our communities as we fundraise for cures and celebrate our hard work together in supporting our patients.

To date, Take Steps has raised more than $60 million to fund mission-critical research and patient support programs. More than 80 cents of each dollar raised goes directly to funding this mission. Find a walk in your local community and join thousands of others Taking Steps for cures.

RSVP and Save the Date for our Kickoff Party!

Take Steps Kickoff Party_Bowling.jpgBring your supporters out to Lucky Strike and learn more about Take Steps and CCFA! Get to know other families and companies involved and hear our amazing Honored Heroes share their testimonies. Complimentary drink and light fare on us! It is a free event and all ages are welcome, but you must RSVP in order to attend. 

March 2, 2016
Doors Open at 6:30pm 
Please arrive on time as we have a pretty amazing program in store with bowling to immediately follow!
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Meet Our 2016 NYC Take Steps Adult Honored Hero, Amy Lane!

Amy Lane_2016 NYC Honoree“I have lived with IBD for the past twenty-eight years. I first learned about Crohn's disease during my freshman year of college when my mother was finally diagnosed after years of unexplained illness.

Shortly after graduating from college, I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis and chose to have surgery to construct a Jpouch after four years without remission despite drug efforts.  After ten awesome years, I started having symptoms again and was then diagnosed with Crohn’s disease six years later.  Despite an exhaustive list of drug treatments, hospitalizations and surgeries throughout my IBD "career," my disease has always returned with a vengeance.  

While my circumstances have been my reality, they have not become my perspective on my life. My goal as Honored Hero is to continue to raise awareness about the seriousness of IBD, and to raise $25,000 to help research for a cure.”

Click here to read the rest of Amy’s story! 

NYC Shout-Outs! 

Last updated on 1/21/16

Welcome back to the returning teams:

  • National IBD Assassins led by Lauren King, Sadhana Jacob, and James Testaverde
  • CCFA Teen Group led by Chloe Hubbe
  • Addie's Angels led by Stephanie Nelson
  • The Rose Family led by William Rose
  • Team Zee led by Kathy Tsavaris-Zouroudis
  • M^2 Minus Crohn's led by Marianne Rocchio
  • The Crohn's Fighters led by Maria deRossi
  • Strut for the Gut led by Kara Landsman
  • Roberts Center for IBD led by Colleen Webb
  • Sonia's Mercenaries led by Sonia Garcia
  • Dancers for Crohn's led by Donna Colon
  • Young NYC led by Caitlin Merrell
  • Gregg's Team led by Carole Ostroff
  • Weill Cornell Medicine Pediatric Gastroenterology led by Neera Gupta
  • CCFA Fellows Committee led by Shannon Chang
  • Beat the Crohn's? Hell Yeah! led by Abhijit Das
  • Mr. E's Team led by Ernest Timmons
  • Moms on Doody led by Michelle Burger
  • NYU Langone Medical Center led by David Hudesman

 Welcome to the new teams:

  • Crohn-icity led by Amy Lane
  • Revolution led by Damaris Fuster
  • Run with Joe led by Joseph Colon
  • Annie & Little Liz  led by Annie Scranton
  • Holida Honey led by Deanna Munlin and Shanequa Henry

Meet our Greater New York Chapter Walk Staff:

Ali Berger

Ali Berger
Interim Walk Director


Kim Pang 2.jpg 




Kim Pang
Walk Coordinator