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Come walk with us! As part of the Take Steps family you’ll be raising critical dollars that fund our mission. From groundbreaking research to programs focused on improving patient care, we’re working harder and smarter to enhance the quality of life for patients and accelerate progress. Some of the research initiatives we are funding include:

Microbiome: Researchers have always known that the microbiome (or gut) plays a role in IBD, but until recently did not have the tools they needed to be able to study it. As a result of this research, not only have we been able to study what goes on in the gut, but we anticipate that in the next 3 to 5 years, we will treatments that will address the cause not the symptoms - of Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis.

Genetics: IBD is heredity and more than 160 genes associated with IBD have been discovered, but their functions are still unknown. Within the first year, the Genetics Initiative identified five high-priority genetic pathways (groups of genes involved in one function). At least two of these pathways are targetable by existing chemicals or drugs, and one of these drugs has already been shown to be safe in humans.

Pediatric RISK: About 1,800 children are enrolled in this study which has already had a significant impact in our understanding of how intestinal microbes (bacteria, fungi and viruses that live in our gut) change in response to intestinal inflammation. Further research will help to develop a diagnostic tool based on patient-specific microbes in stool. This tool will help with early diagnosis and interventions to prevent disease flares.

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