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An Honoree is someone who provides inspiration to our athletes throughout the training and fundraising period. Honorees serve as symbols of strength and motivation, support and determination. An Honoree is someone who is currently is being treated for Crohn’s disease or ulcerative colitis.

Blair - Honored Hero

Bair is an extraordinary 13-year-old girl who plays the piano and tennis and runs ? marathons. In fact, she has run with Team Challenge in Vegas twice. She also has Crohn’s disease. Two and half years ago, she weighed just 57 lbs., missed a lot of school and had a section of her small intestine and colon removed.

Blair is a very brave and motivated young lady. She has shared her experiences in having Crohn's disease with many people. She gives speeches and plays the piano to help raise awareness. She hopes to help others understand what she and others with this disease go through every day.

Patrick - Honored Hero


Patrick is eleven years old and a happy sixth grader. He enjoys foil fencing, playing the cello, reading science fiction novels, and immersing himself in video games. In school, his favorite subjects are math, social studies, and of course recess.

Patrick was diagnosed with Crohn's disease in 2009, just a few days after his seventh birthday. He has endured multiple medical tests and drug therapies. While full remission remains elusive, Patrick continues to convey courage, strength, optimism and a wonderful sense of humor in all that he must face. He compares his battle with Crohn's disease to a fencing duel: sometimes you can escape an attack, sometimes you push your offender back, and sometimes your opponent overpowers you. When he is feeling overpowered by this terrible disease, CCFA helps provide Patrick with hope that someday soon he will conquer this opponent forever.