Stories of IBD Heroes

Our heroes demonstrate true strength and courage when they open up about their lives and share their IBD journeys. The following stories are meant to inspire and empower you and remind our patients that they are never truly alone.


Kelly's Story

Kelly's Story

Kelly Crabb experiences the worst of her pain in her gut and joints. Diagnosed with Crohn’s when she was 15, Kelly has lived with the pain caused by IBD and several other autoimmune diseases for over a decade.

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Larry Nance

Larry Nance, Jr.'s Story

Larry Nance Jr.’s Story

It’s hard to believe there was ever a time when Larry Nance, Jr. didn’t play sports. However, in the years before he was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease, Larry suffered from debilitating fatigue, causing him to have no energy to do anything, including practice or play sports.

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Jacklyn's Story

Jacklyn’s Story

Three years ago, Jacklyn Green was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis. After learning about the disease, she expected the physical symptoms that became her new norm. However, what she wasn’t prepared for was the depression, self-esteem issues, sadness, and loneliness that accompanied her diagnosis.

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Will's Story

Will’s Story

After a decade living with ulcerative colitis, Will Lanier’s disease began to flare-up. He sought advice from a new doctor and underwent a colonoscopy to find out what was going on. He never expected to face a major complication of his disease or be told that, at 28 years old, he had colon cancer.

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Embracing the Unexpected

Natalie's Story

In July 2005, I was hospitalized in my hometown hospital and told I had Crohn's disease. Since that day so much has changed, so much has been endured, and so much has been gained.

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Eleven Years

Laura's Story

My journey with Crohn's has been far from pleasant and not something that comes up in regular dinner conversation. I was almost ashamed of it for a long, long time and wouldn't even tell my closest friends about it.

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Becoming a Stronger Person

Shawn's Story

I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis almost seven years ago. In 2010, I was attempting to enjoy my senior year of high school and third year playing tennis.

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Laura Jane Walker shares her story

Stronger Because of UC

Laura Jane's Story

I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis in the fall of 2015. That year, I had put off tests and doctors visits as I was uninsured at the time.

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Cal Shockley

Return to the Pool After J-Pouch

Cal Shockley's Story

My active, outdoors loving, nine-year-old son Cal was having a wonderful week at a boys’ wilderness day camp seven years ago. What could be better than bows and arrows, canoeing, and jumping off rope swings into a creek? After the last day of camp, we noticed a rash on Cal's legs.

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Kristine Fulco

10 Years Ever After

Kristine Fulco's Story

My much healthier half, James, has been a part of my life for most of my 12-year battle with ulcerative colitis. He was around for the tears, the pain, and all my different treatments and diets to try to keep me in remission.

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Mitchell Dinse

Waking Up from the Darkness

Mitchell Dinse's Story

My journey started when I was a normal 14-year-old boy in his eighth grade year of school. I was very active in sports, student council, band, and choir. I began having IBD symptoms in the spring of 2009.

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