Helpful Hints: Applying to Camp Oasis, WA Site

Once you complete the online application, you are not finished with the application just yet! You will receive an automatic email containing instructions for the next steps, which are outlined below. Your child's application will be considered complete only when each of the following has been received by the CCFA office:

Ways to submit the forms:

Your main contact person, should you have any questions: Kathleen Newbould, Regional Education & Support Manager: or 425-451-8455.

Forms Signed by the Gastroenterologist

We need your child's gastroenterologist's signature on two forms: the medications list and the GI medical professional exam form.

  1. If your child's condition hasn't changed, you don't need to schedule a new appointment to get the forms signed by his or her gastroenterologist. Your child needs to have seen the gastroenterologist within the 12 months before camp.
  2. Your doctor's office can fax forms directly to the CCFA office. Simply give them our fax number: 425-451-1708.
  3. Even if your child is currently taking no medications, we will need documentation stating this, signed by a parent/guardian and the physician.
  4. We understand that medications can change between the time when you apply and when your child goes to camp. We will send a request for any medications updates 2 weeks before camp, then provide another opportunity to make additional updates when checking in at camp.
  5. Don't forget to include the parent/guardian signature on the medications list!


The purpose of the camper photo is so that the staff can begin to learn the children's names before camp.

  1. Please select a photo that clearly shows your child's face, preferably wallet size.
  2. Please do not fax photos.You may email a photo.


To attend Camp Oasis, the CCFA Northwest charges $250 per camper. This is only a portion of the total cost, thanks to generous donors and sponsors.

  1. The $250 camp payment is not due until Friday, May 17, 2013. You are welcome to submit it sooner, but we are required to cash any payments we receive. If, for some reason, your child is not accepted, we will have to refund your money.
  2. Full and partial scholarships are available for families in financial need. To apply, email Linda Huse at and she will send you the application form. A letter is required along with this form, explaining why you need the assistance. Scholarship applications are due April 29, 2013.
  3. We do accept credit card payments online or over the phone. Pay online here: or call the CCFA office and speak with Kelsi or Kathleen to give your card number, billing address, and camper's name.

Behavioral Support Form

The purpose of the Behavioral Support Form (BSF) is to ensure our staff has all the information necessary to provide your child with the best care while he or she is at camp. Submitting a BSF does not hurt your child's chances of being accepted to camp unless the mental health professional who completed his or her form recommended that your child not be accepted to camp.

This form is required if any of the following are true: