Outreach Volunteers for Northwest Gastroenterology Offices (WA, OR, ID, MT, AK)

Thank you for volunteering to visit gastroenterology offices in your community! This outreach is critical to ensure patients and their loved ones are aware of the resources available to them. Please follow these steps to complete outreach visits and contact Kathleen Newbould Waite if you have any questions: knewbould@ccfa.org, 425-451-8455 x6. Thank you for your commitment to help Crohn's and colitis patients!

1. Plan to start by visiting your GI provider. If you want to make additional visits, do some research online to find additional gastroenterology offices or ask Kathleen for a list. 

2. Order free brochures online. We recommend starting with these for each office:

3. Print out these sheets at home:

4. Bring the printouts and brochures to your next appointment with your GI provider or call and ask when would be a good time to come by to share patient resources.

Suggested talking points for volunteers:

5. Report back to Education & Support Manager Kathleen Newbould Waite which office(s) you visited, whom you spoke with, and any follow up needed. knewbould@ccfa.org, 425-451-8455 x6

Other helpful links: